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Fungal and Yeast STD & STI Contents THIS Page

Fungal STD Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Genital Yeast Infection - The only fungus that really qualifies as an STD

  • Genital Yeast Std and it's Symptoms and Locations
  • Causes of Yeast STD
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Fungal STD
  • Oral and Anal Fungal Std

STD and STI Fungal References

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Fungal STD Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Fungal STD's, also known as Yeast infections STD's, are easy to treat if seen to promptly.

These fungal STDs can be cured with a full course of antifungals or antifungal topical solutions and creams.

However, even though fungal Stds are easily treated, you need to to see a doctor to confirm the diagnosis - the earlier you ask your doctor about the Std infection the better. Always complete the full course of treatment, as stopping the treatment when the fungal yeast infection sypmtoms go may leave you with a resistant strain of the fungus, which may be near impossible to get rid of.

You can get these fungal Stds through vaginal, oral or anal sex.

Even just touching can spread this fungal std infection to another person or to another site on your own body - so follow these tips for good fungal std hygeine standards.

Fungal Stds love skin and grow in the warm, dark, moist folds that the genital region provides them with, along with armpits, mouth, nipples and so on prvide as well.

Fungal std symptoms are symptomatic to the area being infected by the fungus and check with your doctor if you don't see any improvement in std symptoms over 7 days.

If you get fever, chills, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle aches and cramps your fungal std may have entered your blood stream - become a systemic yeast infection - and you need to go to the emergency department of your hospital for proper assessment and care of your fungal std infection.


Genital Yeast Infection - The only fungus that really qualifies as an STD

Genital yeast infections are Stds caused by a yeast of the Candida genus, most often Candida albicans.

Genital Yeast Std and it's Symptoms and Locations

Candida yeasts exist normally in many places, including as normal gut flora, so it's impossible to eradicate in entirely - this fungal std is literally on everyone.

Candida std infections start up "spontaneously" when something in the body is out of balance, but can be sexually transmitted thereafter.

Women with genital fungal Std

Women with genital yeast std usually experience burning, itching, swelling or redness in the vulvovaginal area.

In addition, whitish to off-whitish discharge may be present, but it's not a universal symptom of this std fungas.

Fungal yeast stds are often confused with bacterial vaginosis or other vaginal irritations.

Men with Genital Fungal Std

Men who suffer from genital yeast stds experience very different symptoms from women, which is why many think that men can't get them. Not so, the different structure of male genitalia just ensures different effects, i.e. different fungal std symptoms.

Men will experience burning, itching and swelling around the genital area, particularly on the head or tip of the penis with yeast stds. They will also get a red rash or inflamed area with scalloped edges at the location of the fungal infection, and again whitish to off-whitish discharge that smells yeasty can occur but isn't mandatory with this fungal std.

Both men and women can also have no symptoms whatsoever of fungus std, although men are more likely to fail to show any signs of infection.

Causes of Yeast STD

Candidiasis, the official term for the yeast std, is caused by a body out of balance, sexual transmission, or transmission through infected touch. In other words, it's quite easy to get a yeast std in the genital area without having a single sexual thought. This applies to both men and women.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Fungal STD

These fungal std infections are treated with antifungal medication, either over the counter or by prescription.

Anyone suspecting a yeast std for the first time should have a doctor's appointment and diagnosis to make sure it's really a yeast infection, you can normally home treat it if it pops up again after that.

Male genital yeast stds are gotten the same way female ones are, and the fungal std is often treated the same way as well.

Both: Whenever one partner pops up with a genital yeast std, the other should be treated as well. Genital yeast infections can occur in both genders without symptoms, although it's far more common for men than for women to have no symptoms of fungal stds.

Oral and Anal Fungal Std

Of course, all of the aforegoing also goes for people who engage in oral or anal sex. You can get a fungal yeast infection std in both the mouth and the anus, and both can serve as a mode of transmission, as the fungus can travel through the gastrointestinal tract. Look for the same symptoms in both areas, namely swelling, irritation, burning, itching, discharge or whitish plaques on the mucus membranes.


STD and STI Fungal References

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